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Oil Separation Plants provided by ALPHA TECHNOLOGY. With its large experience in oil separation plants design and installation, will provide best delivery time and cost-effective solutions for customers taking into consideration all process conditions and projects’ challenges with all aspects.


Wellhead Multiphase effluent flows through the lower barrel of the Inlet Separator which contains static devices that force the multiphase flow to take a quasi-stratified regime. The vapor phase is picked up to the upper barrel through the stand pipes containing liquid blocking devices. The separated vapor is demisted through demister media and flows to the Gas Scrubber where is gets scrubbed from any entrained liquid droplets. The scrubbed gas out of the scrubber flows through a Filter Coalescer to get a high-quality Fuel Gas that can be fed to Gas Engines or Turbines.


process equipment provided by ALPHA TECHNOLOGY. WE PROVIDE HIGHLY RELIABLE EQUIPMENT FOR PRODUCTION & PROCESS. WE PROVIDE STANDARD EQUIPMENT WITH COMPETITIVE DELIVERY AND COST. A wide range of models and capacities adaptable to all the needs and requirements of our customers,


Chemical Injection Skids are used to inject chemicals in order to protect process and facilities such as : - Corrosion inhibitors, - Anti-scale, - Anti-foam, - Biocides, - Demulsifiers, - Wax Inhibitors, - Oxygen Scavengers, - Methanol, - Glycol, - …


Pig Traps are designed and manufactured according to international Codes and Standards (ASME, API, BS, …). A Pig Trap can be supplied with different Design Pressure Classes from ANSI #150 to #2500 and are supplied from simple launcher or receiver barrel to completely assembled skid with piping, instrumentation, valves, and control system. ALPHA TECHNOLOGY provides different sizes, classes and types of Pig Traps according to Customers’s needs. Pig Traps are used to launch and receive strandard and intelligent pigs through pipelines during commissioning, operation and maintenance phases.


Liquid-Liquid Coalescers : ALPHA TECHNOLOGY provides pre-engineered liquid coalescers with different standard capacities and sizes. Liquid Coalescers are available in Horizontal or Vertical configurations. Sump could be in bottom or top position depending on the desired phase to be removed (oil or water)


filter separators : Natural gas goes through the filtering elements that stops damaging particules as lubricating oil and glycol, then mist extractor will eliminate all remaining liquid droplets in the treated gas. We choose adequate filter elements and internals to insure adequate and optimized Separation / Filtration efficiency. Our Filters Separators are provided in single and double sump. Provided by ALPHA TECHNOLOGY with a competitive cost and delivery time.